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Capt. Dave

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Chris Fullerton writes on 6/15/09 

I'm interested in tubing the river, but I'm concerned about alligators.  Are there gators in the Rainbow River?

Capt. Dave writes:  Yes there is a gator or two in the Rainbow River but in all my life, (a long time!) I've lived on this river off and on and have never seen or heard of a gator attack.  If I was worried, I would not let my little granddaughter swim around all day and float down the river.  Gators are completely afraid of people.  They flee when they are threatened.  Come on, the waters fine (and safe).  If you come on the weekend, come very early.  The lot has been filling up around 10:00 AM.  They will close the park when it gets full.     Welcome..................Capt. Dave