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Dive season is in full swing......Today there was about 250-300 divers on the Rainbow River and all of them came through the K P Hole.  Weather was not bad, a little rain and a little wind.  Air temp was in the 60s and 70s and the water temp 72.  Water clarity was excellent as always.  Come enjoy a dive or snorkel!  Saturday 1-16-10

12-28-2011 Three days after Christmas.  Weather was great.  Divers from many states took advantage of the great weather. Kayakers Galore! 

  July 4th 2012, great day on the Rainbow River. Weather was perfect. I floated and my top was warm and my bottom was coool!




F. Salter has written about the Rainbow River as follows:

We just want to say we have lived in Fl and Dunnellon a long time and the Rainbow River is a place for the young, the young at heart the singles and Families, you couldn't find a better place to fellowship with friends and Family. I also want to say all the pictures are very beautiful and true to life. So hope ya'll come and visit our Rainbow River.