Tubing and Floating  

Sorry! Kids under 3 years old may not participate on the 4 hour float down.

Whether you bring your own tube or vessel or rent one at the park, you are in for a real treat.  The slow meandering flow of the Rainbow River has mesmerized folks for generations.  Remember, the trip down river floating in a tube is 4 hours plus.

It can get quite hot or quite cold according to which end of you is in the water or exposed to the sun.  Bring plenty of sunscreen no matter how you travel.  Kayakers and Canoers usually take half the time to get down as floaters do.  A lot of things can affect the time it takes one to get down. You may want to bring food and drink.  Be sure not to bring any disposables along.  A big ticket from the sheriff can ruin your day. Try to stay alert for those around you. You never know when some one might need your help. You may want to hire one of the many boats in the area to shuttle you up river so you can drift right back to the K.P. Hole.  You can rent a float from the park or bring your own from home (cheapest).  The float from up river is generally about 2 hours and you are back at your car when you are done. You can hang out at the park or go to lunch in Dunnellon. See our Friends Page for boats and eateries in the area.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a comfortable tube or float with head support if needed and possibly a drink holder for your non-disposable drink container.   A dry bag or box is a great help for food stuffs, cigs. or cell phone and car key fob.  You can bring a cooler with plenty of liquids but put it in a tube or some kind of float to keep it from tipping over and spilling out into the river.   A little rope or cord is handy for tying you and your kids or lover together so you don't have to keep paddling to stay together.   Sunscreen is a must.   It can be a lot more fun if you bring along a mask and snorkel and maybe even fins to see the underwater beauty.  Just be sure and keep them safe with you because anything that you let go in the water is apt to float or sink off  into the current.

When you leave the KP Hole tubbing entry point your are embarking on about a 4 hour journey down river to the 484 Bridge in Dunnellon.   You can exit the river to the left just after you go under the bridge.   This is where you can park a car ahead of time or get out and meet the shuttle that you have paid for in advance and have an arm band to show as proof of payment.   You can then take your car or the shuttle back to the KP Hole and finish your day.   All along the way down river there are homes and private property on the water front.   Folks it is not at all cool to get out on these peoples property as if it were public domain and start prancing around like you own the place.   These folks have put up with a lot of junk from unthinking to downright nasty people over the decades and, rightly so, are short on patience.   That being said most residents will help in time of a true emergency and will make sure the proper agencies are alerted of the situation.   "Can I use your bathroom" is not a true emergency.   You may want to take care of that event before you embark on the journey!